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Die Vision


Back in the 1960s, long before Silicon Valley became the digital technology hub, an area in the south of Munich referred to as the Isar Valley emerged as a futuristic site for IT, microelectronics, and high-tech. The source of our fully digitized world today.

The vision of THE SOURCE: To revitalize a landmark property with a significant cultural legacy and give rise to an office of the future – a HOME OF VISIONARIES. On the one hand perfectly aligned in functional terms with the demands of modern working practices, for the best quality of stay – but on the other hand offering a location that fosters identity and inspires workers, a venue for identification and experiences. THE SOURCE – a source of inspiration.

The utilization concept


The classic office is a thing of the past. We have long outgrown the traditional office routine. THE SOURCE is an ensemble tailored precisely to the modern working world. Team interaction? Time out to concentrate? Relaxation in between? Business lunch? Workout? With a focus on the mixed-use concept, the three buildings allow for diverse scenarios. The best conditions for a “new-work feeling.”.

The work-life blending concept for all tenants encompasses office spaces, catering, smart working areas, conferencing facilities and innovation hubs, a daycare facility, a gym, numerous shops, studios, and an inviting 360° roof terrace open to all tenants – spread over all three buildings.

The architecture


The original high-rise building, designed by renowned architect Hans Maurer and characterized by its location, height, reduced design language and geometrically styled facade, was a well-known landmark in the south of Munich for decades.

It will be revitalized and extended to create an ensemble of buildings while remaining as true as possible to the original esthetics. Given its current state and the need to satisfy various energy requirements, the facade of the high-rise tower will be redesigned but still reflect the basic principles of Maurer’s architectural design.
A north and a south building will be added to the high-rise tower. The functional mixed-use concept can thus be guaranteed and will also prove beneficial to future generations.

Planning and implementation are in the hands of the HENN team of architects. The claim: That as a landmark, THE SOURCE shall continue to sparkle in the future– respectful of its origins but with progressive architecture.

The interior design


At the time of its creation, the high-rise tower was THE prominent building in the “Isar Valley” – the futuristic IT, microelectronics and high-tech landscape that emerged in the early sixties. The realization that the future was decisively shaped by one’s place of work can only offer inspiration. Companies with vision that claim to belong to the avant-garde in molding the future will feel very much at home here.

The interior and the corporate design of THE SOURCE pay homage to this history. The CI color scheme is timeless – classic and modern in equal measure. The design elements of the interior architecture are based on the origins of digitization and the first computer, the Zuse 1. 1 and 0 – circle and line – and are encountered repeatedly in the interior architectural design. They can be found in the property’s “brand spaces,” which give a palpable sense of the special place in which we find ourselves and provide for inspiration.

The building’s design features, such as the use of concrete, have been consciously preserved. The orientation of the high-rise tower – facing north with views of the pulsating city and south with the Alpine panorama – has been reflected in the interior concept: calm zones toward the south overlooking nature, and communication zones on the northern side toward the city.

THE SOURCE offers a home to discerning enterprises. Everything has been carefully considered, even the lighting and signage. Naturally, materials of superior quality create a stylish interior.