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The Future of Work in Life Science


The Future of Work in Life Science

Hybrid work models and the increasing importance of talent hunting mean that the quality of the workplace is becoming more and more important for companies and employees to achieve corporate goals. An extensive complementary mix of uses is essential for this.

In addition to space for larger corporations and smaller startups, THE SOURCE also offers its users a gym, a daycare center, a conferencing area and countless smart working areas, a sky lounge and meeting bar. The project also includes stores and a wide variety of gastronomic offerings.

However, the "office of the future" must be able to do even more. For companies and leased employees, aspects of sustainability, well-being as well as digitalization should be comprehensively considered. According to the speakers, THE SOURCE offers exactly that. To achieve the highest possible certifications with PLATIN status (LEED, Well, Wired), a holistic vision as well as attention to detail was crucial. Highlights at THE SOURCE include the bio diversified rooftop garden, digital connectivity, and sustainable, natural materiality in the interior.